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What is Mann-E?

Since the "Generative AI" industry is growing like crazy since 2022 and the release of too many good and powerful tools, we've decided to provide the opportunity for creative and innovative minds to make art works based on their creative ideas in a very short time. By using Mann-E platform, you can easily turn your ideas to art in absolutely no time.

Mann-E platform was founded in Early 2023 by Muhammadreza Haghiri. Our company was able to reach out to more than 2000 users since the April 14th 2023. Most of our users are innovative and creative people, digital marketer and everyone who is interested in the generative art and AI.

Service 1

Character Design

Using Mann-E's engine you'll be able to design catchy and beautiful characters for your games, campaigns and even comic stripes.

Service 2

Design Game Assets

Are you a game developer? Just share your thoughts with Mann-E's AI engine and see the result in no time.

Service 3

Environment Design

Just think of the environment you want to be in. Mann-E takes care of the design.

Service 1

Vector Illustrations and Designs

You can have creative logos, illustrations and icons using Mann-E.

Service 2

Abstract Art

The only distance between you and your abstract art ideas is the distance between you and your device.

Service 3

And more...

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